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Autumn on a boat in Croatia? Definitely yes

Autumn on a boat in Croatia? Definitely yes

When the days get shorter and the sun fades because of rainy clouds, it is a sign that summer is coming to an end and autumn is coming. However, autumn in your country is different then the one in Croatia. You will learn from this article why it is worth going on a boat to Croatia in the autumn.

Sailors’ Paradise
Autumn is, above all, an ideal time for those who love to relax on water. A Croatia charter is a great idea to regenerate and recharge your batteries. Lovers of sea voyages will surely appreciate the local winds, which are much more frequent in autumn. This allows the sailors to sail in an interesting and exciting way. In the autumn, we can also count on more space at sea, in the marinas and near the surrounding landmarks. The crowd of tourists disappears with the tropical heat, and we can enjoy optimal warm weather and attractions free of queues. If we are interested in visiting Lokrum Island or walking in the Krka National Park, then autumn is a great time for quiet excursions and enjoying the views without having to push yourself through. The emptiness of the marinas is associated with another very important advantage - out of season we have a larger selection of yachts that we can charter.

Optimal conditions
A yacht charter in the off-season is associated with admiring the charms of Croatia without a touristic atmosphere. Despite the season, there are still warm days and optimal water temperature. Croatia in autumn can boast a temperature as high as 25 degrees (in October it averages 19-20 degrees). However, the water temperature is about 23 degrees. Let’s remember that the further south of the country, the higher the temperature is. Taking a closer look at the, e.g. Split, nowadays (October) the average air temperature there is 22 degrees, and the water temperature is 20 degrees. In Croatia until October we can still enjoy the sun and limited rainfall. Of course, the later it is the weather is less predictable.

Apart from having more freedom of movement and getting to the places we are interested in, we can also count on much lower prices. This is a great incentive for sea dogs going there to take advantage of the opportunity, which is a delicious meal right by the sea coast. Admire the shiny surface of water without the noise and confusion while soaking up Rakija and enjoying the seafood.

A yacht charter in Croatia is the solution for everyone. Both the lover of resting on board and the adventurer who doesn’t miss a day without visiting a new place will be delighted to choose this place. The waters of the Adriatic Sea are particularly favorable for sailing and the surrounding towns for sightseeing. The character of this place is unique and every sea wolf will appreciate it. Being a sea dog and not being in Croatia is like being an adventurer, watching travel videos. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity, especially at a time when the social distance is most advisable. Ahoy, sailors!