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A Transformative Rwanda Burundi Tour Itinerary with Augustine Tours

A Transformative Rwanda Burundi Tour Itinerary with Augustine Tours

Augustine Tours, a leading provider of unique and extraordinary African travel experiences is announcing its latest offering: the Overland Rwanda Burundi Tour. This offering allows adventure enthusiasts to explore the stunning and vibrant landscapes of these two East African cultural tourism hotbeds. From the fascinating wildlife to the lush rainforests, this touring service guarantees to provide tourists with an unforgettable traveling experience through Rwanda and Burundi.

The Augustine Tours offer is designed to ensure that tourists have a seamless and intriguing touring experience to see the breathtaking and unique attributes of Rwanda and Burundi. Their expert guides are passionate, friendly, and highly professional in assisting participants delve into the rich history of Rwanda and Burundi. More so, their guides will assist participants make discoveries of these places as they are well-versed in their heritage and intriguing stories.

The overland Augustine Tours journey through Rwanda and Burundi is a 12-day tour. The tour entails visiting local communities, discovering the diverse and palatable cuisine, attending traditional festivities, discovering the region’s history and culture and history, and taking in the spectacular scenery. In addition, this tour can be coupled with a gorilla trekking tour in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park or a 2-day gorilla trek trip in Bwindi National Park from Kigali.

The tour starts from the Kigali city of Rwanda. After being treated to specially brewed coffee in the morning, tourists are taken on a cultural tour experience. There are lots to explore ranging from seeing how cows are milked (learning how they are treated, preserved, and turned into ghee) to visiting The Imigongo Art and Craft Centre.

As part of Augustine Tour’s commitment to traveling safely and responsibly, they incorporate sustainable practices and support from the local communities. They liaise with local guides, and businesses in the hospitality industry to ensure the preservation of the region’s cultural heritage.


“The itinerary offers an enlightening and educational experience for people who want to go beyond wildlife safaris but seek deeper connections with the land and the locals.” Says Augustin Ndikuriyo, the Founder.

“Tourism is about people wherever we might go, it indeed brings people together on the cultural and economic levels. So, the itinerary was designed to serve as a bridge between the tourists and locals.” He added.

The Rwanda and Burundi Tour is now open for booking and is available throughout the year. There are limited spots available to ensure a personalized travel experience. For more information and reservation please visit their website.

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