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The 5 best travel locations for gamblers to visit in 2020

The 5 best travel locations for gamblers to visit in 2020

If you are looking to combine your love of travel with the chance to win big money this year, then there are a number of great holiday destinations available. Some of the most exciting travel locations are centered around the world of gambling. These locales are flush with glamorous hotels and exciting activities offering you the time of your life. Whether you want to wager on professional sports or pull slot machine levers, there is a place for you to spend your holiday in 2020. Punters seeking the latest chance to wager on sports online can use this offer to get a bet bonus before betting on a slew of upcoming events and remain in the comfort of home. Anyone seeking to a destination full of great casinos, hotels, and more should certainly check out these travel locations.

5. Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo is the epitome of glitz, glamor, and gambling. The French principality is a tax haven and playground for the uber wealthy. It is also a top destination for gamblers seeking to win their fortune betting on table games, sports, and more. Travelers unable to travel to Monte Carlo can still enjoy top-notch wagering. You can experience the lottery in the US to win exciting prizes before visiting Monte Carlo or another gambling hotspot this year.

There is another side to Monte Carlo than just the casinos. You can explore its beaches, five-star restaurants, and exclusive hotels during a stay. One of the most popular times to visit Monte Carlo is the end of May when the Monaco Grand Prix is run through the streets of Monte Carlo.

4. Singapore
Singapore’s Marina Bay is a mecca for high rollers in Asia. Its popularity with travelers from the continent has led many visitors from the west to descend on Singapore to experience Marina Bay’s incredible hospitality.

While the gambling is great at the Marina Bay Sands Casino, its luxurious 2,500 rooms and multiple swimming pools make it a perfect location for an Asian adventure. There are also night clubs located in the casino making it a one-stop shop for entertainment.

3. Macau
Macau is such a popular tourist destination for gamblers that it outpaces Las Vegas in the amount of revenue made. In 2018, it was reported that Macau raked in $37.1 billion in gaming revenue compared to Las Vegas’ $6.5bn.

Why is it such a popular place to go? While Las Vegas has become more of a tourist destination for families, Macau has remained a top destination for gamblers seeking to play games and win big prize purses.

2. Bahamas

The Bahamas may not be the most popular travel destination for gamblers on this list, but it reaches No. 2 for the simple fact that it is a beautiful paradise that combines gaming with beach life.

The islands are home to a few casinos and resorts that offer high rollers the chance to relax. The Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure Tournament is held at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort each year and attracts world-famous poker players on the circuit to the lap of luxury.

1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is hands down the best place for gamblers to spend their holiday and it isn’t just due to the casinos. Compared to the other locations on this list, Sin City has everything you could want in a holiday.

In fact, Las Vegas has become a popular vacation destination for individuals who never set foot in a casino. The city has professional sports teams, roller coasters, great shopping, amazing dining, and incredible live shows available to tourists. So, if you strike out at the poker table, there is still plenty to see and do.