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8 Ways to Enjoy Time at Sea on Princess Cruises

8 Ways to Enjoy Time at Sea on Princess Cruises

When many people think of a holiday cruise, their thoughts immediately drift to the many exciting destinations that will be visited and the onboard excursions to be had. While it is certainly true that much of the enjoyment of a cruise is due to the exotic destinations and ports such as the Caribbean, Florida and Australia, it is important to remember that time spent onboard can be just as much fun. On Princess Cruises, there is a staggering amount of ways time to enjoy your time spent onboard, from world class dining to on deck film premiers and a little of everything in between.

Here are the top eight ways to enjoy your time at sea on a Princess Cruises liner.

1. Fitness Facilities: Every Princess Cruises liner boasts a wide variety of fitness facilities for those who want to include some exercise during their routine onboard. Choose from fitness classes on deck, gym equipment, yoga sessions, an outdoor jogging track and much more.

2. Pools: Typically a Princess Cruises liner will have more than one pool available for passengers, allowing you to choose the one with the right atmosphere. Lounge by a quiet pool to catch some sun or swim in a wave pool for a tough workout.

3. Dining: There is truly nothing more enjoyable that feasting your way through a holiday cruise. Many meals are offered in a buffet setting, meaning there are hundreds of choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy special themed nights and even formal dinners.

4. Spa Treatments: Called the Sanctuary, the onboard spa for Princess Cruises offers the ultimate way to relax and melt away your stresses while on a cruise. There are countless available treatments from massages to pedicures, all performed by trained staff. The Sanctuary also provides a quiet place to read, dine or just relax.

5. Shopping: Whether your budget is large or small, there are plenty of shopping opportunities onboard. Boutiques offer duty free shopping while in international waters and art auctions allow you to browse world class masterpieces.

6. Book Club: There is no better time than a cruise to pick up a new book to devour. Join the onboard book club to discuss your latest reads and even pick up a copy of the current novel while on the ship. Many book clubs meet in the ship’s library.

7. The Piazza: The centrepiece of most liners operated by Princess Cruises is the large and inviting atrium known as the Piazza. Walk down the winding marble staircase, enjoy a glass of wine in the incredible lounge or just admire the art displayed.

8. Golf: Most ships offer two ways to enjoy golf onboard, including a nine hole putting green and even a video controlled golf simulator to prepare you for some of the world’s best courses waiting for you at your destination.

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