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7 Interesting Things You Can Do in Malaysia

7 Interesting Things You Can Do in Malaysia

There are more than 48 Tempat Menarik Di Penang Yang Wajib Pergi Ketika Cuti in Malaysia. Malaysia is a famous travel destination and home to some of the most beautiful animals, sites and culture. If you are looking for vacation destinations, this is one place you don’t want to miss on your bucket list. For your travel inspiration, here are 7 interesting things you can do in Malaysia.

Catch a glimpse of Malay history
The Batu caves which are 15 kilometers from the city are a great alternative for a day trip. With a collection of caves, cliffs and shrines, you will find out more about the Malay history. One of the famous caves is the Cathedral cave decorated with ornate Hindu shrines on natural rock which has a breathtaking interior. An array of museums and galleries are also present that offer a fascinating and fulfilling experience.

Visit Kuala Lumpur’s ChinaTown
To learn and experience more about Malaysian culture, visit Petaling Street. If you love shopping, you will find numerous stalls where you can buy items like bags, t-shirts and other souvenirs to carry back home.

Spend your days on a boat in one of the most beautiful places in the world as you explore the underwater captivating sights and marine life around the Perhentian Islands. Beautiful, colored coral fishes engraved in the most exhilarating views are located in the underwater of Sipadan and Langkawi Islands. Snorkel with a school of fish as you spend time with turtles among other wondrous marine life.

Visit the Cameron Highlands
The rolling hills of the Cameron Highlands provide an emerald view of Malaysia’s tea supply. An area with the best terrain and climate as you view the vast Malaysian tea plantations. If you love trekking or hiking, book a retreat within this area.

Go to the park
The parks are home to different types of wildlife and plant life providing the best scenery, especially for nature lovers. Parks like the Mulu National Park in Borneo are great for adventure lovers. At the Mulu Canopy Skywalk which is a 480-metre walkway and 20 metres above the ground, you will catch a glimpse of the most fascinating wildlife, especially if you aren’t scared of heights. Other parks like Taman Negara National Park offer you an experience of the lovely rainforest with a walk on one of the longest rope walkways in the world.

Go scuba diving
If you love sports and getting engaged try activities like scuba diving in places like Sipadan Island. The island is home to one of the top mind-blowing marine and coral life. You will see marine animals like sharks, sea turtles, Manta Rays, among many others.

Enjoy local delicacies
If you don’t mind a bite or two of some delicious street food, visit Penang and Georgetown, located on the north of Penang Island. The cuisine available is a mixture of traditional Indian, Malaysian, and Chinese street food. You will find foods made with fish and the Malaysian staple food, Nasi Kandar made from rice mixed with different toppings and sauces depending on your taste.

From fascinating nature, tropical beaches, natural view, the culture and history, to the sweet mouthwatering hot street food, drinks, fresh-cut exotic fruits, and delicacies, the authentic Malaysia is a beautiful place to visit.