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How to Apply for Indian Visa

How to Apply for Indian Visa

India is one of the most beautiful places in all of the world. The country is not only home to one of the kindest and hospitable people you will ever encounter but also boasts a vibrant cultural heritage. Whether you are traveling to India for business, tourism, studies, conferencing, or treatment, you need a Visa. A Visa is an authorization document placed within a passport; that grants one the freedom to enter, leave, or operate in a country within a specified period. Visas are typically classified according to the main activity the holder will be pursuing in the foreign land. For example, tourists looking forward to an expedition to India are issued with an Indian tourist Visas.

Whatever reason that is taking you to India, here is how to apply for Indian Visa.

Fill the online Indian Visa application form
If you are soliciting for a visa from outside India (which is commonly the case with most travelers), you are required to fill an online application form. The Visa to India Online application form requires candidates to provide their details including names, addresses, dates of birth, and much more. While filling the form, ensure that you provide answers to all fields. The information furnished on the form must be accurate and provided in the right format. Additionally, the information provided such as the type of visa requested, and signatures must match any listings made on other relevant and associated documents.

It is crucial that an applicant reviews and validate the information provided on the online application form before submission. This is because no changes are allowed once the form has been submitted.

Book an appointment with the Indian mission within your country (Not applicable for eVISA)
After filling the Indian visa online application form, book an interview with the concerned Indian Consulate within your country at your convenience. You will be required to take with you the print out of the online application form together with other supporting documents to the Indian Mission on the scheduled appointment date. Do not forget to have with you the visa fees, payable at the Indian Consulate.

On a different note, in a bid to streamline the issuing of visas to visitors, the Indian government introduced the eVisa application systems. With the eVisa application system, visiting the Indian Embassy is not required as all processes are expedited online. Once the application is made online, India’s Ministry of internal affairs makes approval, and the eVisa is sent to the applicant via mail. Additionally, any fees required are made via the accepted e-payment channels.

Receive your Visa upon verification
Finally, upon receipt of visa application either online or via an Indian Embassy, it takes a minimum of three working days for the request to be processed. After the approval, the VISA is ready for collection at the respective Indian Mission or is sent to an applicant’s email in the case of an eVisa.