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5 ways to travel more in college

5 ways to travel more in college

College students love to explore everything. Their own campus, the city life, the countryside, and even foreign states! Whether you prefer cross-country motorbiking or favour backpack tourism, college life is definitely the best time for travel. You’re friendlier and easily open up to new people. Your curiosity is ripe, and you won’t really feel bad about travelling cheap.

Travelling also has fantastic benefits for your student and professional life. You get to explore international cultures and lifestyles. You meet professionals from your field who may end up hiring you later on. You get to explore life opportunities in different places, in case you want to relocate. Here’s how you can make the most of your college life and travel as much as you want to!

1.  Student Exchange Programs
International student exchange programs are one of the best trips for college students. Many universities pair up through government-based initiatives and exchange students with each other. You can enrol in these programs after you’ve completed a year at your own college.

Through these programs, you can spend a semester or even an entire year studying abroad. These programs cover some of your expenses and are a great opportunity to learn and explore foreign cultures. Whichever country you go to, you’ll get to learn a lot about its lifestyle. You’ll even get to explore job opportunities and travel as much as you can!

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2.  Save Up Your Money
There are students who avoid travelling during college life because they believe it’s expensive. Then, they also end up wondering how to travel after college, since that’s the time to build a career. The underlying cause that holds most students back is the assumption that they can’t afford travelling as a student. In reality, if you’re passionate about travelling, you’ll always find a way to make your plans work.

First off, start by cutting down on useless expenses. Make your own coffee, cook your own meals, do your own laundry, and avoid overspending in general. If your course books are too expensive, try to find a secondhand copy or an eBook version. Limit your hangouts, because literally, every place is absurdly expensive these days.

By saving up your money, you’ll be able to spend more on travelling. You can even plan your solo travel to exotic places like France, Maldives, Greece, and Spain!


3.  Travel Cheap
Luckily, some of the best places for college students to travel can be really cheap and exciting. You can find the best opportunities in places like Asia, Africa and even some parts of Europe. The Middle East also provides inexpensive travel opportunities.

However, some students go overboard even at these places. You don’t need to buy too many souvenirs or attend every upcoming festival. Simple activities like sightseeing, boating, tour guides, etc. are some great ways to make the most of your travels!

4.  Internships
If you’re confident enough about your skillset, you can shoot your shot at an internship abroad. Internships are also a productive way to spend cheap summer vacations for college students.

Depending on your degree, you can find internship opportunities abroad. These include medicine and pharmacy, aviation, journalism, and plenty of other natural and social sciences.

5.  Service and Welfare Programs
If a professional, study-based trip isn’t your forte, you can look into international service programs as well. Underdeveloped countries may be poor in terms of facilities and economies, but they’re some of the best places to travel. If you don’t want to go for a full-time internship, you can perhaps try to volunteer abroad cheaply.

These service programs usually do not require any sophisticated job or educational experience. Just a high school diploma is enough to land you in a service facility at your favourite destination. You can find services in philanthropy, teaching, NGOs, relief management, and other humanitarian aspects.

Organizations such as the UNDP often need volunteers for their programs. So, if you’re interested in travelling for these purposes, you should keep up with their latest news.

Being a college student, travel brings you the opportunity to go through real-life experiences. It also prepares you for the practical and professional world out there. It’s a classroom beyond your textbooks and four walls. Travel memories are lifelong and help you enjoy your adolescent years of life, too!