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5 Ways To Save Money On Your Summer Holiday

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Summer Holiday

All year long we think about that two weeks we have due to us in vacation days and they keep us going. When the time finally comes to take your vacation days, you can opt to stay close to home or explore a little and go on a trip. Regardless of our destination, we always hope we have enough saved up to have a good time but don’t often think about how many great ways there are to save money and still have a memorable vacation.

Vacation in your State
One way to save money on your summer holiday is to visit attractions and make a holiday right in your own state or neighboring state. There is plenty to see and do right around the corner if only you know where to look. If you haven’t seen your state’s, or your neighbor’s, most popular attractions, do it a little research.

Go Camping
There are plenty of national parks and campgrounds throughout the US which make fantastic vacation spots that won’t break the bank. Pack up the car, van, SUV, or truck and visit one of the many fabulous nature spots the US has to offer.

Trade Houses
So, let’s say you live in Massachusetts and your cousin lives in California…why not trade houses for a few weeks? Create an overlap of a few days so you can spend a little time together at some point during the trip, but each person travels to the other person’s home and stays there for a few weeks. This can save hundreds as neither of you has to worry about hotel accommodations, eating at restaurants every meal, or paying to do your laundry or any of the other zillion expenses which can crop up while staying in a hotel or motel. You’ll be left with only your travel costs, grocery bill, and spending money.

Off Season Travel
If you decide you want to go somewhere exotically different, choosing your vacation time wisely can have a huge impact. Every destination has its busy tourist season and often for good reason. Either that’s when the weather is best or there’s some festival or event taking place during that time. This drives the demand for flights, hotels, and packages up to their highest level. Travel only a week or two before or after and this alone can have significant impact on your costs. Most travel sites will offer large discounts on travel outside of the peak season, a good place to find these discounts are on websites like, which can save you thousands.

Sit Tight and Wait
If you aren’t extremely picky about where you want to go and just want to get away somewhere, waiting until the last minute can keep money in your pocket. Many travel sites or agencies will offer steep discounts on seats that are unfilled or packages they undersold on. If you specifically want to see the Eiffel Tower, this is likely not going to work for you as what is available last minute may not lead you to France, but if you aren’t too fussy about the final destination, snapping up those last minute deals can save you a fortune.
There’s always a way to save some money and still have an enjoyable vacation. Online coupon sites and online travel deal finders are just the tip of the iceberg. Ingenuity, thinking outside the box, and doing a little research can produce some amazing results. That trip to a neighboring state’s national park could turn out to be the vacation you talk about for years to come. Waiting until the last minute and leaving your destination open is inviting adventure into your vacation and can bring you somewhere you never even thought to go. Trade-offs with friends and family members can save big bucks on accommodation expenses and leave you with more money in your bank account. Regardless of which option you choose, or whether you come up with your own, doing a little research and visiting coupon and travel sites frequently can help you stay aware of trends and catch great deals when they appear.