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5 Unique ways to spend a weekend in Prague

5 Unique ways to spend a weekend in Prague

A weekend in Prague may not be enough to see and experience the long list of stunning landmarks and fun activities you will find in the city of a hundred spires, but let’s not let that get in the way of a fantastic experience.

Your weekend in the capital of the Czech Republic is enough to try some of the best things there are to do in the city! Keep reading and discover 5 activities that will make your weekend break in Prague unforgettable.

Fire Awesome Weapons at a Gun Range
Make your weekend in Prague memorable with the unique experience of firing legendary weapons. Prague gun shooting club called Prague Ranger allows you to shoot several types of guns, from sniper rifles to shotguns to revolvers.

Under the guidance of licensed instructors, you can shoot your first bullet or further develop your gun skills. Bring a group of friends and have a friendly competition at Prague Ranger that ends with drinks and snacks for everyone. You also get to take a reminder of the experience in the form of a course certificate.

Have a Picnic at Letná Park
Besides being historically charged, Letná Park is a Prague treasure for locals and tourists. Spend some time getting to know this large park packed with bright green, grassy areas, colorful flower patches, and mature trees. It is a busy park, but it is well worth the visit.

Bring an outdoor blanket and some snacks, and have a picnic over the mesmerizing view of the Vltava River and the beautiful city of Prague. Instead of the floor, you can also use one of the communal tables in the beer garden. The tables are used by customers of the businesses selling food and drinks there, so be sure to at least grab a pint to use the tables.

Enjoy Panoramic Views from the Lobkowicz Palace
Built in the second half of the 16th century, the Lobkowicz Palace is part of the Prague Castle complex. It houses world-famous paintings, works of art from the Middle Ages and Renaissance, centuries-old ceramics, and unique musical instruments.

The palace features a cafe/restaurant with an outdoor terrace. Grab a bite or a drink and enjoy a mesmerizing panoramic view of Prague from one of the most important landmarks in the country.

Party on a Boat
A private boat on the Vltava River is an experience you do not forget. Celebrate your weekend away in one while enjoying exclusive views of Prague from the meandering river. Hire a boat for your group only and have a unique party in this wonderful city.

You can choose how to decorate the boat. Moreover, you can have a band performing onboard, a DJ, or a simple playlist as well as particular shows featuring dancers, cartoonists, and more.

But a boat party is not complete without food and drinks. Choose the type of dinner you would like for your evening (the options vary according to the organizer) and grab a drink or two as you make special memories in Prague.

Enjoy the Sunset in Rieger Gardens
Finish your day with the best sunset in the city at Rieger Gardens, also known as Riegrovy Sady. This one-century-old park is one of the most popular in Prague.

Grab a delicious Pilsner at the beer garden and go to the western side of the park, where you will find a slope with a breathtaking view of the Prague Castle. Find a place to sit and get ready to enjoy what some consider the most beautiful sunset in all of Prague.

Is it Easy to Get Around Prague?
The short answer is yes. Prague has one of the best public transportation networks in Europe. There is a metro system, the most convenient and easy way to move around town, trams, and buses. Together, they cover almost the entirety of the city and outskirts, making it possible to visit several points of interest in the beautiful and culturally-rich Prague.

Nonetheless, whenever you get the chance to walk, do. Walking in Prague is a treat for the eyes. And you can always stop on the way to drink a delicious Czech beer.