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5 Tips to booking spontaneous travel during the holidays

5 Tips to booking spontaneous travel during the holidays

Some people like to book their hotel rooms and flights a few months in advance before the actual travel date. This gives them enough time to plan for everything that they need. Others, however, love the last minute rush and book just before they travel. It is advisable though to make spontaneous choices in your travel plans, and the following are a few tips that can guide you on the same.

1. 20% off
One of the essential things to consider when traveling is the place at which you will reside during the entire holiday period. Make use of discounts and offers which go a long way in cutting down your travel costs and increase your savings. One great example of such a discount offered is 20% off at

2. Be flexible
When planning for travel, the better option is to consider as many options as is possible. Compare fare prices, as well as the estimated times of departure and the times of arrival to ensure that they are convenient for your schedule. Additionally, you can play with the destination for your getaway, since you may find that your initial destination is expensive and you may need an alternative. Also, be flexible with the day you want to leave, since ticket prices may vary, and may be cheaper during weekdays than during weekends.

3. Pack wisely
Pack your own food for your journey, as this may help minimize the costs of buying food at restaurants, which may charge way more for snacks. Having snacks during a long journey will also help keep the stomach happy before you get to your destination. It is also advisable to carry along a bottle of water since some of these items cost double the price they would in a normal, everyday restaurant at the airport. This is because airports are aware of the fact that travelers will most definitely require food or water and therefore tend to overcharge the items. If you are traveling during the rainy season, carry an umbrella or a raincoat.

4. Focus on the time of your flight and your dates
Different destinations are in different time zones, and this is a key factor when going on holiday. It is wise to consider your flight departure times in order to calculate the flight hours and to estimate the time of arrival. If you happen to arrive late, this will force you to factor in one more night for accommodation; a cost that you might not have planned for. On the other hand, arriving way early, for example at five am will force you to have to look for a cab which might be an expensive cost if maybe the airport is located far away from where you are expected to stay. Flights tend to be cheaper on certain weekends and days as compared to others. For example, traveling on a Tuesday or Wednesday maybe cheaper than traveling on any other day.

5. Set up alerts
Through your smartphone and your email address, you can receive notifications on your laptop and smartphone about good deals on flight prices and discounts at hotels.