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5 tips on picking the right snowboard

5 tips on picking the right snowboard

The only way to enjoy the sport of riding a snowboard is to ensure that you have picked one that fits all of your needs perfectly. Making this selection can be challenging, and thus we are here to help. You may learn how to choose a snowboard here in this article that contains a couple of tips to guide you.

    1. Choose the right length
Snowboards are comprised of various lengths in order to suit people of different heights. It is important to select a snowboard that matches your height conveniently in order to make it easy for you to navigate. A normal rule of thumb that has been used over the ages is to measure up the length of the board against your height, and if it reaches your chin, then it is the suitable length for you. Nowadays, however, the stores have a special chart in which you can check the suitable length that coincides with your height.

    2. Consider your weight
Just like height, various weights suit different types of boards. For instance, if you have put on a bit more weight then choosing the wrong board would cause a lot of strain on the board and it can actually break. In order to avoid such accidents, be sure to select a board that can accommodate your weight. You can have this checked on the same chart that matches different board lengths to various heights and weights. A longer board generally provides more stability for heavier people as compared to shorter boards.

    3. Consider the terrain
Snowboards allow people to go snowboarding on different terrains, be it on the mountains or for some rides at the park. If you are a beginner or an enthusiastic rider you may opt to go for an “all mountain” board which is quite suitable for any type of terrain. It is thus very convenient for a new rider since the board will enable him or her to try out all the different terrains without having to spend so much on different boards for different rides. If you are more of a fun rider who prefers riding at the park, then the “freestyle board” is best for you.

    4. Check the width
In order to achieve the best stability, ensure that the board is of the right width. One way to measure this is standing on the board and check the extent to which your feet fit on the board. The ideal measure is that your boots should be majorly on the board, allowing only for a few centimetres of your toes and heels hanging on either edge, but no more.

    5. Consider your budget
If you are not looking to spend a lot of cash, you may opt to buy a used board instead of a new one. This is especially convenient for beginners, as buying a used board will grant you time to understand exactly what type of a rider you are and what equipment you require. This kind of experience will then enable you to purchase a board that suits you best. On the other hand, if you only want to go snowboarding for a couple of days, for instance on holiday, then you may rent a board instead.