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5 Tips to planning a beach vacation in California

5 Tips to planning a beach vacation in California

Planning a summer outing is every bit exciting! Just the thought of hitting the beach with your family and friends is enough to get you rolling to the nearest shore pronto. But what does it take to make your beach vacation perfect? Especially in California where there’s an abundance of beautiful spots and cliff-lined beaches, where should you head for vacation? This article will help you with your Cali beach outing! Here are 5 tips to planning an awesome beach vacation in sunny California. From looking for an exciting itinerary to booking surf city rentals, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find more:

1. Choose the right beach
Depends on how you want to spend your beach vacation, you may want to consider locations that are off the beaten path. This ensures more privacy even during peak seasons while still encouraging you to head out and have fun. California is super famous for its long stretch of sand that offers different panoramas of city and nature. There’s Laguna beach, famous for it’s clean and calm waters. There’s Hermosa beach, that’s very popular among tourists because of the abundance of outdoor activities you can do. There’s also La Jolla beach, Catalina island, and Santa Monica pier, if your looking for the more known beaches scattered at the southern part of the state. The thing is, you’ll never run out of sand and waves to play with when you’ve decided to go on a vacation in California. It all boils down to what you want to do and what scene you want to be greeted with every morning.

2. Organize your itinerary
Choosing the right beach largely depends on the activities you intend to to there. If you’re bringing your family with you, including kids, Manhattan beach, Venice City beach, and Mother’s Beach are just some of the most kid friendly beaches in Los Angeles area. The waters here are generally safe and calm, meaning no big waves for your kids to be threatened with.

If you want to relax, walking along coastlines are the best. Fort Funston in San Francisco is one such place you can do a long leisurely walk on admiring the Pacific ocean. Santa Monica state beach is another worthy sight, with its miles of golden sand, you’d definitely love watching the sunset on this side of Cali.

3. Look for the best accommodation
Of course, let’s not forget accommodation. Luckily these days, getting a place to stay isn’t so hard anymore. Just one click online will get you the best rates from hotels and inns littered at your preferred beach. If you’re a big group, you may want to consider renting an entire house or vacation home on Airbnb or VRBO instead. Look for places that are accessible and located near restaurants and the beach so you wouldn’t have a hard time driving out to explore.

4. Pack light
Since you’re hitting the beach, guess you’re not gonna have to bring any bulky pieces of clothing with you. Avoid sweaters, boots, and denim pants, anything that’s bulky and heavy. Bring light, breathable, and comfortable clothes. Don’t forget your flip flops, your trunks and bikinis, hats, shades, and mats too. Packing for the summer is generally easier because beach outings are mostly casual so you don’t have to bring a ton of clothes to layer on.

5. Work within your budget
If you want a budget friendly vacation that’s still super fun, there are many ways to do that. The key is to research a lot and look for places that are affordable. You may also want to consider off peak seasons where accommodations and activities are usually cheaper. Instead of eating out in restaurants every day, try to do some grocery shopping and prepare home cooked food in your vacation home rental. But of course if you haven’t reached your ceiling then by all means enjoy your vacation to the fullest!