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5 Tips in Selecting the Best Places to Visit in Cebu City

5 Tips in Selecting the Best Places to Visit in Cebu City

Cebu has so much to offer to holiday makers. This is because there are so many places that you can visit while in the city. Whether you want to swim with the sharks, enjoy their rich culinary culture or just study their history, Cebu has something for every traveler. Some holiday makers only visit a few places simply because they don’t know how to pick the spots. Below are tips that can help you visit the most places during your short stay in Cebu.

1. Start with Nearest Spots
Depending on where you are staying in the city, you should give first priority to spots that are not far from your hotel. This is due to the fact that you will require less time to reach them. And since some of these spots are not busy throughout the week, you can visit a few places in a day. For instance, if you want to experience the beaches around Cebu, you can travel from one spot to another via the ferry. By starting with the nearest locations, you will be able to reserve time for other spots that are far from the city. For a start, you can indulge in exotic local cuisine at restaurants such as Café Verde and Rico’s Lechon restaurant and enjoy shopping in modern stores and malls.

2. Focus on Your Interests
The choice of the places that you should visit should be guided by your interests. The good thing is that there are so many places to choose from. If you go to places that don’t match with your interests, you will be bored before your holiday is over. Cebu in particular caters for the interests that fall between three categories that include physical activities such as swimming and hiking, Cultural activities such as visiting historic sites and hotels and Relaxation and Entertainment activities that include massage and spa.

3. Do Your Homework
The easiest way of finding the most interesting places to visit is to use the internet. By using the internet, you will be able to see the spots that are trending the most. You will even know the kind of experience that other holiday makers got. Better still you can ask your friends and relatives that have been in Cebu to refer you to the spots that offer a lifetime experience. If you are looking for accommodation, you need not to look no further than

4. Be Flexible
You should not only visit the places that you have read about in books and blogs. If you creative enough you will be able to go to places that are yet to be explored. There is fun in visiting places that you have never heard about because you will return home with lots of tales to tell your folks. Some of these spots in Cebu have names that are difficult to pronounce but they will leave you wanting to come back for more adventure. The good thing with Cebu is that all its tourist hot spots are accessible by either road, water or air.

5. Beware of Seasonal Activities
There are activities that take place a few times per year. For instance, the best time for swimming with the sharks is around April because that’s when the whales come to mate. The turtles also come to nest once per year. You should therefore check whether your tour coincides with these seasonal activities because you can’t afford to miss them.