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5 Festive, Winter Travel Events In The UK That You Need To Visit

5 Festive, Winter Travel Events In The UK That You Need To Visit

Are you stuck with too many holidays under your cap this Christmas and nothing to do with them? The UK has a wealth of events every festive season - most of them annual, unique traditions that have been celebrated for centuries. If you needed more of a reason to travel the country this year and try out some heartwarming, new experiences, we have a selection of fantastic events for you to consider… some a little on the unconventional side.

Here’s what you can expect this Christmas and New Year, so make your bookings now, if you need to fly to the other side of the UK for a wonderful weekend break (if it gets cancelled by poor weather, Flightright can sort you out anyway!). The family is bound to love these days out!

Stonehenge Winter Solstice
The most iconic, neolithic circle in Britain, and an international world wonder, Stonehenge is magical even on the worst of days, but joining pagan enthusiasts to celebrate the Winter solstice on December 22nd is truly a wonderful experience. Marking the shortest day and longest night of the year, this celebration is all about looking forward to warmer times and the coming of spring. Look forward to seeing modern day Druids in their best clothes!

Kirkwall Ba
Probably the most intense and violent football game in the country, Kirkwall Ba hails back to medieval times. The whole of Kirkwall turns out for a rough game of footie - the pitch? The whole of Kirkwall town. Board up your windows and get stuck in! This clash of the local lads takes place on Christmas Day and New Years Day, so you can’t miss it.

Stonehaven Fireballs
Even though you might have thought this fire-friendly would be weather dependent, they haven’t cancelled even once in 150 years. On Hogmanay, Stonehaven has their own firey celebration. Thousands of people turn up for the show every year, so you know that it must be a real sight! Firedancers, singers, and bagpipe players take centre stage and provide a performance that you won’t forget in a hurry. But if that doesn’t impress you, just wait until the cacophonic fireworks display at the end of the night.

Keynsham Mummers Play
Another tradition that harks back to medieval times, Keynsham Mummers Play is a night of comedy and theatrics for anyone who enjoys a light-hearted performance on Boxing Day. Mummers plays are similar to pantomimes, but with more melodrama (if that’s possible) and swordfighting. This tradition was revived in Keynsham in the ‘70s, but is based on old plays and is kept alive by the local morris dancers. Beats stamping around a Christmas market, packed with people, in the freezing cold!

Christmas At Attingham Park
Take a charming stroll around this beautiful country mansion and its grounds, decked out for Christmas, as it would be in years gone by. There are assorted events throughout the festive period, including the Frost Fair and meeting Santa Claus. Whenever you choose to visit, it’s bound to be stunning in all of its seasonal splendour.