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4 Tips to planning your Hawaii Luxury vacation

4 Tips to planning your Hawaii Luxury vacation

Hawaii is the perfect location for an amazing tropical escape.  Who can resist the amazing experiences these islands have to offer? With a wealth of breathtaking tropical natural resources, amazing culture and world-class accommodations such as the beachfront vacation rentals on Maui and other locations, these islands present the idyllic vacation option for millions of tourists. But a dream luxury vacation takes careful planning. These four tips will help you to ensure that your luxury Hawaii vacation is a truly memorable experience.

Choose a Vacation Property
Where you spend your Hawaii vacation is also pretty important. Hawaiian islands like Maui offer tourists all-inclusive hotel accommodations, luxury villas, and B&B type rentals. All-inclusive resorts are very popular as they offer a total vacation package. But they are also less personal than rental properties.

For a magical vacation experience, you should definitely consider beachfront vacation rentals on Maui. It goes without saying that a great location will go a far way in setting the pace for your vacation. For one, size matters. If you’re travelling with family for example, you’ll need a bigger space than you’d need for just yourself and your partner or a solo trip. A beachfront rental allows you to have easy access to the refreshing atmosphere of the beachside as within minutes you can be lounging on the sand or surfing to your heart’s content. You can get your own personal chef with your vacation rental or you can choose to make your own food.

Decide on How You’ll capture and Store memories of Your Vacation
Undoubtedly you’ll want to capture some memories of your tropical vacation to reminisce on later. If you plan to take your own photographs and videos, you’ll need to get the right gear.  Ensure that they are waterproof since much of your activities will be in or around water.  You also have the option of entrusting this to professional services you’ll find on the islands. It may be pretty pricey though with figures of up to 40 USD being charged for photos. But if money’s no object you can forego the hassle and focus on having fun.

Another way to capture memories of your Hawaiian vacation is to collect souvenirs. Some you’ll find as you explore the islands (although you may want to forego these as local legends predict dire consequences for those who take anything from the parks or beaches), but others you’ll be able to purchase from gift shops, which is another expense you’ll need to consider as you plan.

Put a few Luaus on Your Itinerary
What’s a Hawaii vacation without some party time?  Each island hosts these festivities in varying forms so you can select which to attend (or maybe you’ll try to check them all out!) depending on your schedule and the type of vacation you want.  One festivity you shouldn’t miss out on is the thrilling celebration called luau. On the island of Maui, you’ll find Luaus that accommodate small groups of around 50. These are ideal if you like the intimate setting. If you are more inclined towards bigger events, you’ll also find luaus that cater to hundreds of guests. Some luaus have fire breathing acts as well as traditional dancing and food and some are specially designed for families while others are perfect for couples. Regardless of the type of luau you attend though, one thing is certain- you’re sure to get a taste of the true Hawaiian spirit while having tons of fun.

Pack Strategically
To make the best of your Hawaii luxury vacation, you should pack strategically to ensure that you have all the items you’ll need to have a marvelous time. Of course, you can pick up a few things when you get there, but it’s always a good idea to bring along as many items as you might need.

Hawaii’s tropical location and laid back atmosphere require light and casual attire. Loose-fitting airy clothing is ideal. Shorts and slippers rule but for more formal occasions you can pack in a few items. Sunscreen is also a necessity due to the tropical climate you’ll be enjoying. And don’t forget your beachwear since aquatic fun is a staple part of any great Hawaii vacation. If hiking is on your itinerary, remember to pack gear such as hiking boots.

As you respond to Hawaii’s call to paradise, remember these four tips as they’ll be very helpful in ensuring that you experience the ultimate luxury vacation.