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13 Of Dubai’s craziest world records

13 Of Dubai’s craziest world records

Dubai is one city that loves to create records. There is actually a full library of such records kept by the city, and there seems to be no end in sight to their desire for global acclaim. The desire, allure and urge to continue packing these world records does not seem to wane.

Just a week ago, the Dubai based British philanthropist and artist, Sacha Jafri gained another accolade, as she delivered to the world the largest art canvas. When this new world record was confirmed, we decided to take a look at some of the most impressive, wonderful and weird Guinness World Records that belong to Dubai.

Hitman 3 “On Top of the World” Speedrun
So the first mention on our list is actually set in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa to be precise, and this record is actually held by 2 separate players. The stage is cleared in just 9 seconds and popular CS:GO gambling, news and esports media site reports that Der_Launch_Linus and Wreak had found a crucial vantage point which allowed them to scope the 2 targets out in mere seconds.

Biggest Prize Pool for Horse Racing
The biggest amount ever paid in a single day racing amounts to $26.25m, and this happened in the 2012 edition of the Dubai World Cup that took place at the Meydan Racecourse. The single day event commanded a prize pool of up to $26.25m, which beats all records before it and set a new one.

Fastest Marathon in an American Football Kit
Now, the fact is that taking on a marathon could be attributed to crazy people, as we see it as one of the craziest things people do. But when you eventually take on one that is kitted in full American football gear, it turns into something else. That was what Ozzie Alistair Kealty did in the 2019 version of the Dubai Marathon, as she crossed the line in an amazing 3 hours, 33 minutes, 42 seconds.

Largest Flower Structure, Arrangement
What do you say about a city that also sees the simple flower bed as an avenue to rack up more records?  There is a mélange of teaming green thumbed gurus in the miracle garden, and their razz floral endeavors have seen them to the world records book. They have the record for pruning the largest flower structure ever, and the flower in question is their petal representation of an Airbus A380, measuring 72.95m by 78.34m long and 21.98m tall.

Largest Synchronized Car Dance
Dubai is hugely in love with motors, and its love for the national bird of the country is even bigger. Because of that, they centered the world’s largest synchronized car dance on the falcon.  This happened at the Rugby 7s stadium in Dubai, where the movement of 180 vehicles was choreographed by Nissan, to form an outline of the popular flighted symbol.

Largest Tin of Caviar
Here, they synced their love for records with their love for food and the luxury world. The largest tin of caviar was available for guests that attended a gala on New Year’s Eve. This is not a small accomplishment, as the said tin of caviar weighed more than 50.0kg. This is an amazing way to get off the New Year. Don’t you think so?

Largest Water Fountain
This is one of the most recent records by the city. The Palm Fountain would be remembered as the largest in the world. The Pointe now has an entire new life, given by the waterfront attraction, underlining the allure. When the fountain is in full flow, it can blast up to 14,000 ft² of water up to 105m skyward. This show is so special that you need to experience it at least once in your life.

Longest Line of Piles
We are already concentrating on the British pie week, so it won’t be appropriate for us to forget to applaud the tastiest of all pies in the world. It was in January that a perfect line up of 2,209 pies was presented, as a collaboration between Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, Emirates Culinary Guild and USA Pears.

Longest wheelie (distance) on a quad bike (ATV)
It could be fairly easy to cover 60 clicks, but when you think of covering that when doing wheelie on a quad bike, you see how difficult it could be. But the man named Abdulla Al Hattawi was not dissuaded by the difficulty, as he steered his ATV 60 km while he was enjoying a wheelie on the Sheikh Zayed Road. Meanwhile, whatever you do, never try this during the rush hour.

Longest Underwater Live Radio Broadcast without Support
Was the radio star really murdered by video or were they sent under the sea instead? The very unique record of hosting the longest underwater live radio broadcast is held by Atlantis the Palm, and this happened in its Atlantis Ambassador Lagoon Aquarium. The presenter that manned the microphone was radio anchor Stu Tolan, as he stayed underwater 3 meters down for more than five hours in the 11m liter tank.

Most people to parachute from a balloon simultaneously
Every other day and all through the day, skydivers are seen moving up the earth above The Palm at the same time. However, you rarely see many descending from the heights simultaneously. Because of this, the world record of the most people to descend simultaneously from a balloon is held by the 25 thrill seekers that came down simultaneously at The Palm. That day was full of adrenaline and had many records to go home with.

Tallest Hotel
The number of luxury hotels in Dubai is too numerous to count, but amidst all, one stands as the tallest. The fortunate thing is that it’s one that you can’t miss. Here, we are talking about the 75-storey Gevora Hotel with a gold top. Located on the Sheikh Zayed Road, and stretching more than 356.33m to the clouds, the highest rooms amidst the 528 are found on the 71st floor. This is made for people that love and can stand heights.

Tallest…..... Lots of Things
The Burj Khalifa is a tall building, yes, we are aware, and you are aware too. But it is not the only one, and does not reduce the intrigue of the avalanche of records available. It is actually the tallest building in the universe, as it is 828m tall. But this gives rise to many other titles. They include the highest number of stories in the universe, the tallest freestanding structure ever, the highest occupied floor in the world, and the highest outdoor observation deck the world has ever seen. It also stands as the building with the tallest elevator ever, and the elevator that has the longest distance on earth.

Tallest Residential Building
It is one thing to stay in hotels in lofty surroundings; it’s another thing to lay your head down in the sky every other night. The 101 storeys Princess Tower rises 413.4m high, making it the tallest residential building on the planet. It has the highest occupied floor as 356.9m above the sidewalk.
These records have succeeded in placing Dubai perpetually in the minds of seekers of intrigues. They wish to see those and experience them, even when the cost puts a hole in their pocket.