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10th anniversary of the global scavenger hunt Annual Around the World Travel Adventure Competition

10th anniversary of the global scavenger hunt Annual Around the World Travel Adventure Competition

The Global Scavenger Hunt™, celebrating its 10th anniversary as the world’s only real-life international travel adventure competition, is now accepting applications to fill 15-two person team slots open for the 2014 event that will take place between April 11 and May 3, 2014, with top quality globetrotters and adventurers.

The 10th event will pit talented travelers in a challenge that will have them circumnavigate the globe in 23-days while visiting ten secret destinations—it is A Blind Date with the World™— completing a series of culturally-oriented site-doing scavenges. Teams use their travel IQ while trying to earn the rights to the 10th annual crystal trophy and The World’s Greatest Travelers™ crown.

The event is offering 10% off for those that apply before December 1st as a 10th anniversary gift.

The Global Scavenger Hunt’s decade of success is the result of ten key event factors:

One: Proven track record of creating a Bucket List worthy once-in-a-lifetime real-life amazing event.

Two: Becoming internationally recognized as the world’s only ““open”” travel adventure competition that is authentic, challenging and participatory enough to crown The World’s Greatest Travelers™. 

Three: Continued success of annually taking international travelers to ten secret and exotic destinations.

Four: Creating a legacy of giving back and helping others help themselves building co-ed schools, disbursing interest-free micro-loans and encouraging travelers to volunteer at clinics, orphanages, refugee camps and schools around the world.

Five: Pride and professionalism in annually creating an incredible collection of hands-on site-doing experiences and highly-participatory scavenges that surprise, educate, challenge and wow participants.

Six: Creating a true cultural immersion that has participants trusting strangers in strange lands.

Seven: Annually putting together an event that circumnavigates the globe in one breathtaking trip.
Eight: Providing travelers with an extraordinary travel value for seeing and experiencing the world.

Nine: Annually assembling an exclusive group of great international travelers from around the world.

Ten: Creating an annual event that becomes life-changing for travelers and the best twenty-three days of our travelers lives who become Thrillionaires. (That’s why 20% come back each and every year!)

The event is limited to just 15 teams of two, and the $10,900 per person entry fee includes: all international airfare, first class hotels, 40% of meals and special event gear. Single travelers are welcome to apply and all travelers will be interviewed for suitability. Please contact GreatEscape Adventures at 1.310.281.7809 or apply online at