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Virgin Atlantic launches autonomous sensory meridian response video

Virgin Atlantic has revealed the sights and sounds of flying that Brits have missed most through an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) inspired video.

From the bing-bong of the call bell, the click shut of the seatbelt and the evocative pop of the champagne cork, all the magical moments of travel have been captured giving viewers that signature ASMR tingly feeling.

Autonomous sensory meridian response is a phenomenon where a person gets a tingling sensation, often starting on the scalp and moving down the neck and spine.

This physiological response can be triggered by a number of sights and sounds including whispering, isolated sounds such as tapping and beautiful or ‘oddly satisfying’ imagery.

Corneel Koster, chief customer and operating officer with Virgin Atlantic, commented: “We have missed looking after our customers onboard this past year and cannot wait to welcome them back once restrictions are lifted and travel resumes at scale.

“At Virgin Atlantic, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a brilliantly different experience, so the concept of ASMR and giving people that magical tingly feeling, is the perfect tool to remind our customers of the travel experience that awaits them when they come back to the skies with us.

“Whether it’s the ubiquitous clicking shut of the overhead locker, or the familiar routine of the safety demonstration, it’s the sensory memory of these moments that our customers long for, heading off on their well-deserved holidays, starting a fabulous adventure.”

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