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Lithuania unveils new tourism marketing video

Next year marks an important milestone in Lithuania’s history as the country celebrates the 100th anniversary of the restoration of the state.

In celebration of this the Lithuania State Department of Tourism has released a new marketing video to showcase the beauty and diversity of the country.

The tourist board’s new one-minute video, directed by Mykolas Vildžiūnas, showcases the emotional responses tourists have when visiting Lithuania.

What surprises them most? What takes their breath away? What makes them happy?

Indrė Trakimaitė-Šeškuvienė, acting director of the department of tourism, commented: “According to a survey conducted by Google, when travellers are dreaming about a trip, as many as 66 per cent of them look through videos during the first stage of preparation for travelling.

“Therefore, a new video about Lithuania was a necessity in this epoch of the visual.”

This new video will be used on all marketing platforms of the department of tourism including Facebook and YouTube as well as the tourist board’s official website.