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Hotel of tomorrow opens in Budapest

The hotel of tomorrow has opened in Budapest, Hungary.

The 40 room, four-star KViHotel, controlled by the TMRW Hotels application, uses the most innovative solutions of the 21st century; it literally hands over control to the guests through the TMRW Hotels smartphone application, from booking to checkout.

The software solution can be used in other, either new or even in already operating hotels.

TMRW Hotels aims to deliver an experience that travellers of tomorrow can enjoy by providing innovative solutions to reach the next step in the evolution of hospitality.

After two years of information technology development and construction work the first hotel in Europe, representing four-star level and controlled by the guest’s smartphone.

Based on the latest travel trends and the expectations of the future the hotel offers travellers of the future unparalleled hotel experience. 

KViHotel - Key Vision, derived from ‘Vision for the Future’ - located at 32 Nyár Street, District 7, operates almost without any staff using the TMRW Hotels application; nearly all functions are managed by the guest with their own smartphone.

This represents a unique solution in the continent both for leisure and business travellers.