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Chile Tourism launches new post-pandemic campaign

In an effort to lift spirits and encourage post-pandemic travel planning, Chile Tourism has launched the #IDreamofChile online campaign across all of its social media channels.

The work has also gone love on the official website.

The newly created video short encourages users to pause and reflect on a series of gorgeous Chilean landscapes, from the Rapa Nui to wine country vineyards, while delivering the message that these iconic spots will still be available once travel restrictions are lifted.

“It’s time to pause, but the landscapes you’ve been longing to visit will be here waiting for you,” the video tells viewers.

“Get inspired, prepare and plan ahead.”

Further videos, including one focused on the millennial demographic, will be unveiled this month.

The video series is just the beginning of Chile Tourism’s I Dream Of Chile efforts, which will allow potential visitors the chance to experience the country’s best from the comfort of their homes, as well as begin planning for a Chile adventure in the future.