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Breaking Travel News interview: Mystifly chief executive, Rajeev Kumar

With supplier network spread across 70 or more countries and an airfare inventory of 900 airlines, today Mystifly is a global leader in airfare consolidation.

The company is incorporation in USA, UK, Singapore, India, Brazil and Australia.

Its flagship air ticketing platform - MyFareBox - is used around the world while its technology variants, in the form of white label solution, xml web service and corporate travel management tools, are used by over 2,500 customers in 60 countries.

Mystifly is one of the biggest business-to-business global airfare consolidation companies and empowers business by providing travel technology.

Here Breaking Travel News talks with Mystifly chief executive, Rajeev Kumar, to find out more about the company and its ambitions for the future.

More Information

Mystifly has been nominated for the title of World’s Leading Airline Consolidator at the World Travel Awards.

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