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Flight comparison leader launches car rental

Flight comparison leader launches car rental

15 July 2009 Press Release Car Rental News

Cheap flight site Skyscanner has now added car hire to its extensive range of tools and functionality. As well as being able to book the flights on the Skyscanner site, users can now also book the best car rental deals worldwide

Skyscanner show World’s Funniest Airport Names

19 June 2009 Press Release Airline News

From Batman to Bloodvein, Fu kui to Fort Dix, Wee Waa to Wuhu, cheap flight site Skyscanner has painstakingly scoured its vast database of over 10,000 airports from Indonesia to the Ivory Coast and handpicked the funniest, rudest and weirdest airport names in the world.And no, we haven’t made any of these up! All are genuine, official airports, recognised by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Brits more flexible with travel plans says Skyscanner

17 June 2009 Press Release Travel Technology News

The recession seems to be making British travellers more flexible when it comes to booking holidays, with travellers willing to alter their travel dates and even destinations to get the cheapest travel deals.In a recent poll hosted by cheap flight site Skyscanner that asked ‘What type of traveller are you?’  28% of voters said they were ‘Bargain Hunters’ and that they’d ‘fly anywhere if the price was right’.

Mexico’s tourist industry begins to recover

5 June 2009 Press Release Tourism News

Data from cheap flight site Skyscanner shows that searches for flights to Mexico have risen by 15.5% since they reached their lowest point in early May 09, after health fears deterred travellers from visiting the country.