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Strikes hit French travel connections

12 October 2010 Tourism News

Another 24-hour nationwide strike has begun in France causing severe disruption to road, rail and air links across Europe. Ryanair has been forced to cancel 250 flights, while Air France has also seen staff join picket lines, causing disruption to short-haul services.

Emirates rejects state subsidy claims

12 October 2010 Airline News

Emirates chairman Tim Clarke has angrily rejected claims made by Air France chief executive Henri Gourgeon suggesting the airline accepts government subsidies. Mr Gourgeon warned earlier this week Europe’s status as an air travel hub was “under threat” from emerging Middle Eastern carriers.

Air France-KLM faces €500 million price-fixing claim

Air France-KLM faces €500 million price-fixing claim

30 September 2010 Airline News

Air France-KLM could be hit with claims of up to €500 million by hundreds of European companies, led by Ericsson and Philips, over alleged cargo price-fixing. The claim is being filled in a Dutch court today and represents the largest ever in Europe for damages resulting from cartel behaviour.

Stewardess found guilty of robbing passengers

Stewardess found guilty of robbing passengers

20 July 2010 Airline News

An Air France stewardess is facing ten years in prison after pleading guilty to stealing from business class passengers whilst they slept on long-haul flights. The 47-year-old was eventually caught following a number of complaints about missing cash, credit cards and jewellery.

BA chief to meet Unite boss ahead of strike

18 March 2010 Airline News

The chief executive of British Airways, Willie Walsh, is to meet Tony Woodley, Unite’s joint leader, ahead of a proposed strike at the airline on Saturday. The meeting will be the first direct contact between the two leaders, and is being seen as a last chance to avert industrial action at the British flag-carrier.

Air France to charge obese fliers double

Air France to charge obese fliers double

21 January 2010 Airline News

Obese passengers who are too large to fit into one seat face being charged for a second under new rules being imposed by Air France, and may not be allowed to board for “safey reasons” if they refuse to pay.