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Air France to charge obese fliers double

Air France to charge obese fliers double

21 January 2010 Airline News

Obese passengers who are too large to fit into one seat face being charged for a second under new rules being imposed by Air France, and may not be allowed to board for “safey reasons” if they refuse to pay.

Air France to cut up to 1,500 jobs

Air France to cut up to 1,500 jobs

8 September 2009 Airline News

Air France has said a “difficult economic environment”, including capacity cuts of 5%, would lead it to make 1,500 redundancies by October. But the airline reported a stabilising of passenger traffic in August.

BA to raise fresh capital

15 July 2009 Airline News

British Airways has asked investors to front extra funds as a safety net against a treble whammy of the credit crisis, swine flu, and the impending threat of cabin crew strike action, which it estimates could collectively burn £400 million in reserves.

Flight 447 hit ocean intact, says official report

3 July 2009 Press Release Airline News

Air France Flight 447 was intact when it hit the Atlantic Ocean, according to the first report released by the French accident bureau investigating the disaster in which all 228 onboard lost their lives.The Airbus A330 did not break up in flight, and neither was it in a nose or tail-down dive, according to investigators. A study of 660 pieces of debris showed that it had shattered only when it hit the sea belly-first.

Airbus long-haul fleet could be grounded

1 July 2009 Press Release Airline News

Airbus could be forced to ground its worldwide fleet of long-range aircraft tomorrow when accident investigators publish their first account on what caused Air France Flight 447 to crash off the coast of Brazil on 1 June.Experts believe that the French accident bureau will report that faulty speed data and electronics caused the Airbus 330 to stall during a tropical thunderstorm, killing 228 people.