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You can frisk us - but don’t tax us

British people overwhelmingly support security checks at airports - but they’re strongly against this week’s increase in flight taxes.

In a poll by leading travel add-ons company, 87 per cent of those questioned said they had no problem with being body-searched and understood that it was important for security.

Only two per cent considered it an invasion of their privacy - with a further eight per cent saying it made them feel uncomfortable. A frisky one per cent even looked forward to it.

However, less than a fifth of those polled supported the increase in flight taxes announced by the Government last week. An arrivals/departure tax was thought to be a fairer idea by 29 per cent of respondents, but more than half said travellers shouldn’t be taxed at all.

Anthony Clarke-Cowell,’s head of commercial, said: “It’s great that most people recognise the importance of security checks and aren’t nervous about them.


“We offer a special pass that takes them straight to the front of the security queue at some airports. Also, our airport lounges offer the opportunity to relax away from the busy terminal after security checks.

“As for the tax rises, it’s not a surprise that they’re unpopular. People are already struggling to make ends meet, so an extra £100 on the cost of a family holiday will hurt.”