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Woburn Safari to celebrate “Love your zoo” week

Woburn Safari to celebrate “Love your zoo” week

This May, the animals at Woburn Safari Park will be celebrating the Love Your Zoo week. Barbary Macaque monkeys will be strutting their stuff, peacocks will be fanning their feathers, penguins will be flaunting their flippers and they want to invite you to come and join in the fun.

The campaign which will run from Monday May 30th to Sunday June 5th, and will being launched by the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA). Its aim is to encourage people to visit their local BIAZA zoos and aquariums and to not only have a great day out, but also as an opportunity to learn just how much they do for conservation, education and research. 

More than 70 zoos, aquariums and wildlife centres across the UK will be taking part and Woburn Safari Park is already busy planning a week of fun activities for all those visiting.

Bob the Ranger said: “This is a great opportunity not only for people to enjoy a fun-filled week, but to learn more about Woburn Safari Park and the work it does. We hope people will support the campaign and join us in loving their zoo!”

The action packed week includes these fantastic activities, giving you even more reasons to visit and love your zoo
30th May - The Kerry School of Irish Dance will be performing throughout the day, to delight the crowds
3rd June - Sue Coles School of dance young performers will be showcasing their talents to all visitors to the Park
5th June - Chaplins Stage School will do an hour’s performance, involving their young performers of varying ages
10 Reasons Why You Should Love Your (BIAZA) Zoo
1. More than 25 million people visit BIAZA’s member organisations every year – they are a great day out!
2. More than 1,200,000 people come to BIAZA member organisations each year on an organised educational visit – visiting your local zoo is a fun way to learn about animals!
3. BIAZA members participate in about 500 research projects every year, many of these measuring behaviour with the aim of improving animal welfare – you are helping us learn about helping wildlife
4. BIAZA members participate in about 700 conservation projects every year
5. They contribute about £10m a year to field projects
6. BIAZA members contribute about £645m to the national economy
7. They create about 11,007 jobs
8. By visiting zoos you are helping to safeguard the future of vulnerable, threatened and endangered species
9. You can visit more than 2,000 different species of animal!
10. By visiting your local zoo or aquarium you are doing a good thing by taking the time to appreciate our wildlife and hopefully being inspired to make a difference.