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UTair Aviation international passenger revenue grows 60% in Q1 2013

UTair Aviation international passenger revenue grows 60% in Q1 2013

The UTair Aviation Supervisory Council approved the quarterly report for Q1 2013 at its regularly meeting held on May 14, 2013. The report reveals positive growth trends in the airline’s activities and the strengthening of its position as one of the leaders on the Russian aviation market and the largest global helicopter operator.

In the first three months of 2013 UTair revenue from passenger transport increased by 17% over with the same period in 2012 and passenger turnover grew 10% over with the same period in 2012. Outstanding growth in financial and operational results has been achieved by growth of international flight operations (regular as well as charter) and route-network optimization on domestic routes. A significant increase in revenue comes as a result of international passenger carriage, with 66% of revenue in the reporting period coming from this activity. International passenger turnover increased 37% over the same period in 2012.

The report also indicates UTair helicopter operations maintain positive dynamics. Operational results in recent years witnesses UTair’s steadily expanding share of the Russian aviation market. For the reporting period in question, growth in revenue from domestic rotor wing aircraft operations grew 28% over the same period in 2012.

“An efficient fleet development strategy is one of the key components of UTair’s success,” commented the UTair Aviation CFO Igor Petrov in his remarks on the first quarter results. “Fleet modernization and expansion secures a high degree of safety in operations, improves product quality and allows UTair to enter new markets.”

UTair Aviation ranks among the top three Russian airlines. In 2012 UTair aircraft transported 8,582,681 passengers. The airline operates more than 200 fixed wing aircraft and performs flights to 110 destinations in Russia and aboard. The airline maintains its central hub at Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow, from which it performs 100 flights daily.