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US airlines reveal job cuts

US airlines reveal job cuts

American Airlines and US Airways have both revealed new rounds of jobs cuts as well as changes to their networks in order to aid recovery from the economic recession.

AMR which owns American said this week it will eliminate up to 700 jobs as it downsizes its maintenance and engineering operations. Meanwhile US Airways plans to cut 1,000 jobs and shift its focus to four key cities and its shuttle service, reducing services to Europe.

US Airways will focus on the key network strengths at its three hubs in Charlotte, North Carolina; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Phoenix, Arizona; as well as in Washington and its shuttle service.

“By concentrating on our strengths we will be better-positioned to return US Airways to profitability,” said Doug Parker, chairman and chief executive.

AMR, in a letter to employees, said it would “resize and reshape” its maintenance and engineering operations to better meet the needs of its smaller fleet.


The company said it would wind down all operations at its Kansas City Maintenance Base next year after it closes the location in September. The changes will affect operations in other locations throughout its system, including the St. Louis line operations, which will be downsized.

“Unfortunately, these changes will cause a reduction of up to 700 positions, both management and union, in the M&E and supporting departments’ workforce,” Carmine Romano, AMR’s senior vice president of maintenance and engineering, said in the letter.