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Two-wheel power straight from the grid

Two-wheel power straight from the grid

Mobility on two wheels is especially enjoyable when spring is in bloom. But why struggle with all that peddal power when you can let your bike take the strain?

This year Sachs-Bikes has expanded its range of holiday rental bikes to include a very special type of electric scooter – making its own contribution to the “mobile future”.

The latest SACHS-Bikes product, the Prima-E, is not only unusual and ecologically friendly but also practical at the same time.

Whether it is the no-helmet, 20 km/h version, the 25 km/h scooter version or the open-class version with a top speed of over 42 km/h, there is a model for every two-wheel fan.

This crowd-pleaser - available in black or white - has a maximum range of 50 km, while the battery can be recharged again and again at any power outlet.


Besides lifestyle-oriented customers, the target group for this modern electric scooter is seen as including green-minded customers in particular, whose daily trip to work or the city will not only become a source of pleasure but also confirm their already existent ecological awareness.

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