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Trivago announce European hotel rates up 19% from August

Trivago announce European hotel rates up 19% from August

Following the end of the holiday months, hotel prices throughout Europe have risen sharply. The average price of a standard double room has reached 118 pounds – an increase of 19% from August (99 pounds). The UK matches the European trend, with many British cities seeing their prices rise between five and twenty percent over last month. Birmingham has seen the greatest increase; average hotel costs in the city have climbed twenty percent from 63 pounds in August to 74 pounds in September. London comes in second place, with an increase of 15 percent to 173 pounds per night for a standard double room. Hotel rates in Manchester (94 pounds) and Newcastle (89 pounds) are up 11 percent, while costs in Sheffield (67 pounds) and Liverpool (87 pounds) are up six percent. The only city to experience a fall in prices was Edinburgh, where hotel rates dropped 33 percent to 126 pounds per night. Hotel rates in Cardiff (81 pounds), Glasgow (90 pounds), Bristol (88 pounds) and Blackpool (67 pounds) remained more or less steady from month to month.

European cities at a record high

Popular city destinations such as Brussels (132 pounds, plus 67 percent), Barcelona (155 pounds, plus 48 percent) and Paris (177 pounds, plus 36 percent) have also shown dramatic price climbs in comparison to last month. The same is true for the hotel industries in Vienna (124 pounds, plus 23 percent) and Geneva (258 pounds, plus 34 percent). In Istanbul, overnight costs have risen to an average of 126 pounds (plus 35 percent), while hotel rooms in Prague (99 pounds) are up twenty percent. Prices are also much higher in Italy. In Bologna (113 pounds), a double room costs 65 percent more than in August, while Milan, where Fashion Week takes place at the end of September, prices are up 63 percent to 170 pounds. Venice, home to the popular international Film Festival, has seen its hotel rates climb 43 percent to 247 pounds per night. Rome (142 pounds) and Florence (135 pounds) are similarly affected, with increases of 44 percent and 34 percent respectively.

Belgian, German and Turkish hotel rates see biggest increase

In comparison to last month, the hotel prices in Belgium (124 pounds, plus 40 percent), Germany (112 pounds, plus 30 percent) and in Turkey (124 pounds, plus 28 percent) have risen the most since August. The trend repeats itself in the Netherlands (147 pounds, plus 26 percent), in France (170 pounds, plus 23 percent) and in Italy (131 pounds, plus 23 percent). The most expensive room rates are to be found in Switzerland (214 pounds), Norway (152 pounds) and Sweden (150 pounds). Cheaper accommodation can be found in Bulgaria (54 pounds), Romania (62 pounds), Poland (75 pounds) and Hungary (75 pounds).


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