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Travelzoo reveals 70 percent of its subscribers prioritise leisure travel over luxury

Travelzoo reveals 70 percent of its subscribers prioritise leisure travel over luxury

Travelzoo Asia Pacific, a licensee of Travelzoo Inc. a global Internet media company, today released the findings of its subscriber survey.  The results revealed that 70 percent of Travelzoo subscribers would spend more on travel rather than luxury goods.  This finding indicates a major shift in consumer spending habits, with preference on travel and experiences. 

Specifically, when respondents were asked what they would give up in order to travel more, the figures showed that 60 percent of respondents in Australia, 69 percent in Mainland China, 74 percent in Hong Kong, 79 percent in Taiwan, and 66 percent in Japan were willing to spend less on luxury goods. 

These survey findings were gained from interviewing 6,500 Travelzoo subscribers in Asia Pacific between 27 October and 28 November 2011.

The results also show that Travelzoo subscribers are upbeat about their travel prospects in 2012.  In all markets across Asia Pacific, at least 65 percent expect to spend more on travel in 2012 than they did in 2011.  Australian subscribers plan to spend the most per person per leisure trip, at an average of USD 2,456.  Mainland Chinese subscribers continue to outspend Greater China compatriots, with an average spending of USD 1,415 per person per leisure trip.  Hong Kongers, Taiwanese and Japanese will spend an average of USD 969, USD 785 and USD 1,431 per person per trip respectively.  In addition, Hong Kong subscribers plan to travel the most frequently, at an average of five leisure trips per year.

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