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TransAsia Airways plane crash kills scores in Taipei

TransAsia Airways plane crash kills scores in Taipei Photo Cred: Missxoxo168

More than 20 people are fear killed after a TransAsia Airways plane clipped a bridge and crashed in Taipei.

Flight GE235 came down in the Keelung River in the centre of the Taiwanese capital.

A total of 58 people, including five crew, were on board the flight when it came down, with more than 30 still unaccounted for.

Rescuers are at the scene of the incident attempting to recover survivors from inside the ATR-72 turbo-prop plane after cutting a hole in the fuselage.

The plane had taken off from Taipei Songshan Airport and was heading to the outlying Kinmen islands.


Air traffic control lost contact with the aircraft at 10:55 local time.

Founded in 1951, TransAsia Airways was the first private civilian-operated domestic airline in Taiwan.

The low-cost carrier has expanded in recent years as Asian aviation has boomed.

Some 48 people died when a TransAsia Airways plane crashed amid stormy weather in the Penghu archipelago of Taiwan last June.