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Tourists warned over Nairobi terror threat

The Government has urged British nationals in Kenya to exercise extra vigilance following alert of a heightened threat from terrorist attacks in Nairobi.

The Kenyan authorities have revealed that terrorists may be in the final stages of planning attacks which could also impact on travellers.

As a result of the warning, the Foreign Office has updated its travel advice for Kenya, stating targets could be hotels, beaches and shopping centres:

“The Kenyan authorities have alerted the public to a heightened threat from terrorist attacks in Nairobi.

“Attacks could be indiscriminate and target Kenyan institutions as well as places where expatriates and foreign travellers gather, such as hotels, shopping centres and beaches. We strongly advise British Nationals to exercise extra vigilance and caution in public places and at public events.”

The warning follows reports that Kenyan Authorities intervened in attempted attacks by al-Shabab over the festive period.

This is the latest event to rock the Kenyan tourism industry, which has been recovering from the aftermath of a spate of kidnappings that took place last October.