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Tiger Airways leads the way with revolutionary new check-in options

Tiger Airways leads the way with revolutionary new check-in options

As part of its commitment to further reduce fares and provide opportunities for even more people to fly, Tiger Airways, Australia’s low fare airline, is introducing new check-in options this week (from 01 July 2010). The new options reward travellers without checked luggage who check-in online with the lowest fares in Australia. Passengers travelling without checked luggage but who wish to use airport check-in can choose to do so for a pre-paid fee of $10.

Tiger Airways’ free web check-in provides passengers with a better airport experience where they can bypass airport check-in queues and go directly to the boarding gate. Passengers can enjoy the convenience of checking themselves in online from the comfort of their home or office from seven days prior to the flight and just need to be at the gate 30 minutes prior to departure.

When the new options take effect for new bookings made from 01 July 2010, customers will still be able to use airport check-in facilities if they choose, for a service fee of $10.

Tiger Airways Australia Managing Director, Crawford Rix, says that “Tiger Airways does things differently to other airlines in Australia – our model is based on some of the most successful and profitable low cost carriers in the world, including Ryanair.

“Everything we do is about offering the seat for the absolute lowest fare and then providing customers with the option to choose whatever optional extras they wish to pay for.  It’s about unbundling all the extras and being transparent about all charges to allow customers to tailor their travel needs to their budget.


“We want to reward travellers who use web check-in with our lowest fares. Passengers who carry only hand luggage but want to use our airport check-in facility will now pay a fee to do so.  More Tiger Airways customers checking in online means a better airport experience for more people and reduces our costs so that we can continue to drive down airfares in Australia.

“With Tiger Airways, you get exactly what you choose to pay for. Don’t want lunch? Don’t pay for it! Don’t need checked baggage? Don’t pay for it!  Now if you don’t need to use airport check-in you don’t need to pay for it! There’s no reason why you should subsidise other travellers’ requirements. Air travellers are becoming increasingly savvy and our customers tell us that they just want to get from A to B for the lowest cost and have more to spend on where they are going.”

Mr Rix adds: “The Low Fare Revolution in Australia continues. What we’re doing with the changes to our check-in options is offering even more choice for our customers and allowing Tiger Airways to provide even lower airfares in the future. We’re committed to being Australia’s most affordable, popular, reliable and profitable airline,” he says.