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Thomson Cruise set for Showboaters TV spectacular

Thomson Cruise set for Showboaters TV spectacular

Thomson Cruises has confirmed the flagship of the fleet, Thomson Dream, is the proud host of Sky1 HD’s brand new talent entertainment programme, Showboaters.

Filmed around the Caribbean earlier this year, the programme sees ten amateur entertainers battle it out to prove they have what it takes to join the prestigious Thomson Dream headline Show Team.

The contestants, who range from a 56 year old hairdresser to a 21 year old Geordie steel worker, went through a tough audition process in order to be part of the selected final ten. They were then flown out to the Caribbean to join the ship for up to four weeks, while they performed their hearts out each week in front of the critical eyes of
the passengers and a select panel of judges.

After facing the weekly passenger vote, and pleading their case in front of the judges, two contestants were eliminated and flown home the very next day, until just four contestants remained for the grand final.

As well as being challenged to learn a new show each week, the wannabes also had to integrate themselves into ship life.

They had to learn the highs, lows and rules of becoming the ‘faces’ of Thomson Dream, constantly under the watchful eye of passengers and the cruise director (and potential future boss), Stephen Guy.

Giving an interesting and otherwise unseen perspective into what it takes to be a cruise ship entertainer, plus the added bonus of a stunning Caribbean location, Showboaters is sure to leave viewers wanting to run away to sea.

Showboaters will be on Sky1 HD from mid-September.

The winner of the show can be seen as part of the Show Team on Thomson Dream this coming
winter season.