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The global marketplace and business travel

The global marketplace and business travel

In today’s climate of globalization in the corporate world in general, as well as the travel industry in particular, a TMC or business travel agency that is serious about the business of business travel and is not a member of a brand-name international network organization is at a serious competitive disadvantage. Globalization is here to stay and as it increases, that disadvantage will only intensify. As corporate customers become more sophisticated and more demanding and as technology continues to evolve, there can also be few businesses that are as subject to such frequent changes.

UNIGLOBE® Travel is the leading global network of Business Travel Agencies specializing in the growth and mid-size segment of the corporate market. The Global Partner Program is the UNIGLOBE® solution to globalization where a limited number of established TMCs/business travel agencies in certain countries in which UNIGLOBE® does not have a presence, can have the benefit of an international affiliation through a direct relationship with UNIGLOBE® World Headquarters, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In the last 12 months, new member agencies have joined the UNIGLOBE family in the USA, Canada, Mexico, the UK, China, South Africa, Brazil, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Germany, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, New Zealand, and Lebanon. In fact, our presence in Iraq makes UNIGLOBE the only global business travel network on the ground to service the companies going in to participate in the reconstruction.

Global Partners get the benefits of buying power and access to training, as well as shared expertise from around the world. They also enjoy the use of the International Brand in conjunction with their own identity, access to leading edge travel management technology, networking and collaboration on business opportunities, and serve multi-national corporate accounts using complete corporate travel solutions with local support and management. To an unaffiliated entity, these accounts can be demanding, low return and high risk; to members of the UNIGLOBE family, they are opportunity, our priority and our area of expertise.

UNIGLOBE senior management see the Global Partner-type of relationship as the direction of the organization’s growth in the future; they are also open to discuss interest in Master Franchise opportunities for certain sizeable and mature markets.