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Tegel teeters on the edge

Tegel teeters on the edge

On June 2nd 2012, a piece of aviation history will draw to a close.

On that day at around 22:50, airberlin flight AB1000 will be the last passenger flight to take off from Berlin’s Tegel Airport, flying on a sightseeing tour over the city.

Tickets for the farewell flight are now available from the organiser, airevents.

Some 42 years after the start of civil aviation, Berlin-Tegel will be closing its doors.

A symbolic ceremony will mark the final flight from the Berlin airport.

At the same time this represents the launch of the future of aviation in the capital; the following morning Berlin’s new Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport will open.

An airberlin Boeing 737-800 will be the last plane to take off from Tegel Airport with passengers on board, and will make a 50-minute flight over the city.

After the aircraft has flown over the airport for the last time, the lights on the take-off and landing strips will be switched off in a symbolic gesture.

Passengers will be able to toast farewell to the airport with a glass of champagne.