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Tansect Launches Its Free Global DIY Travel Technology

Tansect Launches Its Free Global DIY Travel Technology

Tansect, Inc. formally launched its revolutionary Global DIY Travel Technology platform, Go Trip Network. This platform will serve as the venue for all Tansect’s current travel tech, as well as the Company’s planned innovations and solutions.

The technology deployed on Go Trip Network gives site visitors the ability to create a customized travel guide to any city in the world. As someone plans their business or pleasure trip this tech alleviates the need to print out numerous pages of confirmations (hotel, rental car, airline, etc.) for their trip, or spend time at the check in counter scrolling through emails looking for confirmations. Go Trip Network allows users to input their information into the platform and access everything within a single web address in chronological order. In addition, they can then add restaurants, shopping, attractions, entertainment, bars, night clubs, meetings, and events to their trip (either from an existing listing from our thousands of online guides or add their own). This gives them a complete itinerary in one online location, and for business travelers is more beneficial than the traditional travel agency itinerary. As the Company’s Founder, Michael Heisman, likes to say, “you can go as Clark Griswald as you like with your planning, and it’s so easy to use and access”.

Users can also share their travel information through two links. The first link is ideal for sharing itineraries with coworkers and friends and does not contain key information like confirmation numbers. The second link shares everything including confirmation information and notes.

Tansect currently has over 20,000 business listings (plans to have 200,000 by end of year) and affiliate agreements with over 150 top hospitality companies. The platform also offers a full travel related chat/sharing platform. An additional thirty functionalities are planned for 2023, including an app, as well as plans to open customer service and travel offices within Florida.

About Tansect - Tansect creates Supply Chain, Flight Development, Oil/Gas & Hospitality solutions for our customers that allow them to surpass their competitors! In addition, the company utilizes its own supply chain and hospitality solutions, websites, and technology. Tansect (2021) is a Florida C Corporation founded by Michael Heisman. The company’s website is