Breaking Travel News travel insurance will cover travellers affected by ash cloud travel insurance will cover travellers affected by ash cloud

Online insurer says that its travel insurance policyholders will be covered if their travel plans have been disrupted by the volcanic ash cloud over Europe. Unlike many insurers who are refusing to help travellers, will support people stranded overseas or who have had their travel plans cancelled as a result of the worldwide disruption. has already helped its customers affected by the ash cloud whilst other travel insurers have labelled the problem an “act of god”, meaning their customers will get little or no support or compensation from their insurance policy.

Tina Shortle,’s marketing director, explains: “This is a difficult time for many travellers, so the last thing they want is the added worry of whether they will be covered by their travel insurance. is helping its travel insurance customers, whether they are currently stranded overseas or are facing delays or possible cancellations to planned trips.” has promised:

  * To automatically extend the period of cover for policyholders currently stranded abroad
  * Travellers stranded overseas will be able to claim up to £25 per person, per day up to a maximum of £400 to cover costs such as food and accommodation
  * will cover travellers up to £3,000 for travel and accommodation costs that they cannot recover elsewhere if it is necessary for them to abandon their outbound trip after a delay in the UK of 24 hours.


The insurer also says that travellers that have not yet begun their travel from the UK should first check with their airline or travel operator as it is their responsibility to re-organise a customer’s travel plans or provide a refund. travel insurance policyholders can make a claim by logging onto their ‘My Swift Space’ at and more information can be found at