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Stena Line goes mobile

Stena Line goes mobile

Stena Line is one of the first ferry operators to launch a mobile version of its website. The mobile version is being launched across all of Stena Line’s eight markets and is a natural evolution from the increasing use of mobile devices .

“Four per cent of the people who visit our websites nowadays do so from a mobile device, an increase of 300 per cent from 2010 to 2011. We expect this increase will continue and see it as very important to meet our customers’ needs by offering them a mobile website that loads quickly and is easy to navigate. A less data heavy with quick loading time are some of the most important features for our customers when they are abroad, as it helps to avoid high data roaming charges,” said Lars Olsson, Stena Line’s UK general manager for travel.

The mobile website provides timetables, information on routes and ships, road access to the terminals, as well as travel offers. The website has been launched across all of Stena Line’s markets and will be further developed over time.

“Our customers’ use of digital channels is changing all the time and the requirement for access from smart phones and other mobile devices will increase and we aim to keep up with our customers’ needs and expectations. At present, our mobile visitors are mostly interested in information about timetables and routes. When our customers start demanding more functionality from our system we will develop it further. What is important for us is that we always adapt our digital presence to what our customers want,” Olsson added.

To reach Stena Line’s mobile website from your mobile phone, you enter the usual address,, whereupon you will be redirected to the mobile site automatically. The website has been developed in collaboration with the Swedish agencies Dear Friends, which is responsible for the design, and MoMa, which is responsible for the technology.