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STB hosts press delegates of SABA to authentic Seychellois Creole evening

STB hosts press delegates of SABA to authentic Seychellois Creole evening

The 19th annual general meeting of the SABA is this year being hosted by the Seychelles islands at Le Meridien Barbarons, under the theme “Know Your Audience.”

The delegates, consisting of broadcasters from a dozen Southern African countries, were able to enjoy an evening where they could savor the sumptuous Seychellois Creole cuisine of Chez Baptista restaurant, located south of Mahé.
The local music group “Zez” was also present, performing the traditional dance of the “Sega” and “Moutya” of Seychelles throughout the evening.

The Creole evening was an opportune moment for members of Seychelles’ own Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) to share the Seychellois culture with their counterparts from South Africa, Namibia, Mauritius, Angola Botswana, Malawi, Lesotho, Tanzania, and Zambia.

The evening was also enjoyed by broadcasters from major international channels such as BBC World, the Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation, and Deutsche Welle of Germany, who are also attending the conference.

The broadcasters were joined for the Creole evening by representatives of the Seychelles Tourism Board.


After enjoying the delicious Seychellois Creole dinner, guests eagerly attempted the traditional dances, leading them to dance the night away along with Seychellois hosts and the local dancers.

“We believe in working with the press and the successes of our board has been the networking we have been able to achieve with the press from the 4 corners of the world. Having so many influential press members in Seychelles in the one go was too good an opportunity for us not to join in and showcase our country’s unique culture,” said Marymonde Matatiken, the Head of the Seychelles Tourism Board’s Events & Conferencing Department.