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Signature Car Hire sets sights on new Ferrari 488 GTB

Signature Car Hire sets sights on new Ferrari 488 GTB

Another hot supercar released by Ferrari, the 488 GTB, has been added to the purchase list at Signature Car Hire.

A mid-engine V8 sports car that features design influences from F1 and WEC is set to get car enthusiasts fighting to get a first glimpse at this new stunning performance vehicle.

A new chapter in its eight-cylinder history this car has improved response times, nimbleness and a unique sense of exhilaration and unparalleled driving pleasure.

The naturally-aspirated new Ferrari 3902 cc V8 engine can pack a punch on the road with 661bhp accelerating to reach 124mph in 8.3sec, having already surpassed 62mph mark in three seconds flat.

Drawing on rich Ferrari history the name GTB stands for Gran Turismo Berlinetta with the 488 reflecting different aspects of the model’s power train.


The 488′s power peaks at 8000rpm and a staggering 561lb ft. of torque reaches 2000rpm on the road.

This Ferrari also impresses with a throttle response time of 0.8 seconds at that low engine speed, hinting at minimal turbo lag.

This uses what is known as Variable Torque Management to ensure the car’s torque runs smoothly across the rev range.

Turbocharging, specifically a muffled engine sound, is taken care of with attention paid to ‘perfecting’ the 488’s exhaust note.

Impressive on-road and on-track performance utilises the newly developed Side Slip Angle Control which promises an even less invasive input and greater longitudinal acceleration out of corners.

Side Slip Angle Control, or SSC2, also controls the car’s active dampers allowing the driver to achieve greater control in and out of turns.

All this helps the car achieve faster laps on the track, in fact half a second faster than the 458 Speciale and a full two seconds quicker than the standard 458 that it replaces.

Driving enthusiasts can also revel in the double front spoiler, active aerodynamic elements at the rear and a blown spoiler all incorporated into the design of the different aerodynamic aspects.