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Sichuan Tourism welcomes your participation

Sichuan Tourism welcomes your participation

On July 10, the Tourism Administration of Sichuan Province held the Sichuan Tourist and Investment Promotion in Hong Kong. With its abundant tourist resources and excellent market environment, Sichuan welcomes foreign investment and invites foreign tourists to appreciate its beautiful mountains and rivers, splendid culture and nice food.

Signed on the day were a series of Sichuan-Hong Kong cooperation agreements, including Sichuan-Hong Kong tourist promotional cooperation agreement, Sichuan charter tour agreement and Sichuan-Hong Kong entertainment cooperation agreement. Joseph Tung, executive director of the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong, said that there are many tourist spots which are worth travelling, and this promotional event has brought some new things. He hoped that there would be more exchanges between Sichuan and Hong Kong.

Hao Kangli, Director-general of the Tourism Administration of Sichuan Province, said that the Sichuan tourist market is highly competitive and contains numerous commercial opportunities. He listed the five advantages for investing in Sichuan tourist industry, which includes perfect location, convenient transportation, huge consumer population, complete service infrastructure, rich rewards and so on.

According to Hao Kangli, Sichuan attaches great importance to the development of tourist industry and considers it an important industrial pillar of its construction of a strong economic province. Sichuan has set the goal of building a province with strong tourist economy and as a world travel destination. In 2013, the total revenue of Sichuan tourist industry reached 387.7 billion Yuan, an 18 percent year-on-year increase. He also noted that Hong Kong is an important source of tourists. In 2013, the number of Hong Kong tourists to Sichuan, although affected by the earthquake in Lushan, Ya’an, was nearly 300,000, roughly the same as 2012.