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Serenata IntraWare signs content agreement with TrustYou

Serenata IntraWare signs content agreement with TrustYou

Serenata IntraWare, one of the leading customer relationship management companies for the hospitality industry, has teamed up with TrustYou to launch the first ever solution that allows hotels to combine online reviews and social media feedback with reservation data.

Dubbed “ORM meets CRM,” the solution allows hotels to truly personalise their guests’ experience throughout all phases of the customer journey.

“This partnership has allowed Serenata to further enhance its already rich customer database with feedback directly from guests, and it provides our hotel partners with a platform to store such valuable information against guest profiles.

“Profile specific reviews enable hotels to gain deeper insights about their guests and help them to personalize each guest’s experience.

“By gathering guest specific feedback from TrustYou, we are making it easier for hotels to engage with their clients so that travellers always enjoy their stay,” said Dieter Dirnberger, president of Serenata.


Lindner Hotels & Resorts, with 34 hotels across seven European countries, was one of the first to integrate this solution, taking its service to an entirely new level.

The hotel group has enriched its guest profiles and has created VIP reports based on TrustYou’s online guest survey feedback.

The feedback is sent to Serenata’s CRM and is ultimately displayed on Lindner’s CRM dashboard.

As a result, when a guest checks-in, Lindner employees have immediate access to a report detailing what guests have said about their past stays at Lindner Hotels.

Guest Service Agents now have the ability to thank guests for their feedback and address concerns that may have come up during their past stays so that the “wow” factor is always guaranteed.

“With this integration, we’ve been able to truly customise our guests’ stays based on their feedback.

“We have successfully merged all the valuable data about our guests into one platform that has allowed us to review guests’ past comments prior to arrival, make changes to their guestroom experience or review notes about their preferences in service style.

“It has allowed us to deliver exactly what the guest is expecting—or, ideally, more,” said Gunnar von Hagen, corporate director of operations for Lindner.