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Self-drive holiday prices soar

Self-drive holiday prices soar

Holidaymakers opting for self-drive to get round high airfares have been warned to expect soaring fuel prices in mainland Europe.

According to a Post Office report, prices in Europe have been rising faster this year than in Britain.

In some popular destinations, the cost of petrol and diesel has risen by up to 35 per cent compared to last summer, according to Post Office Travel Money.

The lowest cost of unleaded petrol for UK drivers in the 14 countries surveyed was in

Luxembourg at 128p a litre, with the highest in Norway at 182p a litre.


This was followed in the list of the cheapest fuel prices by Spain at 130p a litre, Austria at 133p and then the UK at 136p. Ireland and France were sixth and 10th on the list respectively at 147p and 155p a litre.

Norway is the most expensive European country overall with a bill for a 1,000 mile drive reaching a staggering £275.72.

“The high fuel price increases in Europe mean that UK holidaymakers should plan their routes carefully in advance to cut costs,” said Sarah Munro, of the Post Office.

She advised: “For example, motorists driving through eastern France can save 27p a litre on unleaded petrol or 24p on diesel by detouring into Luxembourg. Similarly motorists can save up to 23p a litre by crossing from Switzerland into Austria.”

According to holidaymakers surveyed at Dover and Hull ferry ports, France is the most popular country to drive in, with 91 per cent saying they had done so before.

More than 70 per cent said they had driven in Belgium and 67 per cent in Germany. A further 64 per cent of holidaymakers questioned said they had driven in Spain, while the Netherlands came in at 57 per cent.