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Scottish Tourism Alliance welcomes support from tennents

Scottish Tourism Alliance welcomes support from tennents

The Scottish Tourism Alliance (STA), the voice of the Scottish tourism industry, is welcoming support from Tennents Caledonian Brewery as a brand new sponsorship deal is announced.

The STA was founded in 2012 to represent all aspects of the Scottish tourism industry and is funded by the tourism industry.  The STA already includes around 75% of the tourism sector as direct or indirectly through association.  Membership has trebled in three years and continues to grow.

Marc Crothall, CEO of the Scottish welcomed Tennents’ sponsorship saying:

“I am delighted and grateful for this support and for the support of all our sponsors.  This is recognition of the importance of the tourism sector from one of Scotland’s most iconic brands.  Tourism is everyone’s business and this is something that businesses and individuals across Scotland are increasingly coming to understand.

Financial contribution like this not only strengthens the STA in our role of leading on industry matters but is also an endorsement of the STA as an organisation that effectively represents the tourism industry.”


Brian Calder, Chief Executive, Tennent Caledonian Breweries said

“Tennent Caledonian Breweries are pleased to announce that it is adding its support to the STA. We have long been supporters of the Scottish on trade and hospitality sector. With the majority of tourists visiting pubs in Scotland as part of their stay and with Wellpark Brewery, the Tennent’s Training Academy and Drygate becoming destinations to visit on any trip to Glasgow, it makes complete sense for us to partner with the STA. We look forward to working with the STA in order to help ensure an economically vibrant and exciting future for Scottish tourism.”

Scotland’s tourism industry contributes £4.5 billion to the Scottish economy with an aim to grow this to £5.5 billion by 2020 as part of the National Strategy: Tourism Scotland 2020.

Scotland’s on trade sector contributes over £1.5 billion to the Scottish economy annually and is a valuable part of Scotland’s tourism offering.