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Inspired by a mango-loving elephant family in Zambia, the innovative online wilderness community is fully launched. Having completed the Beta phase with a successful core of adventure lovers posting image galleries, journals and videos (, Safarious is now open to seriouswildlife professionals and curious adventurers from around the world, sharing their experiences of the planet’s wildest places. This new niche interest website is the current trend in online communities.

Safarious founders are Andy Hogg, managing director of Bushcamp Company’s six walking camps in Zambia, Michael Lorentz, safari guide and CEO of Passage to Africa, one of Africa’s premier safari design companies, and Clay Knight, of Dallas-based dib Creative, who at 24, sold his anti-hacking start-up tech company for $67M. Together, they created this free community with an underlying mission: to provide a platform encouraging support for the conservation of broad-scale wilderness habitat and finding smart solutions for the communities who rely on them.

According to safari expert Michael Lorentz, “Safarious is the only site where both the ‘Serious and the Curious,’ professionals and amateurs, whether they are photographers, writers, travelers, armchair adventures or dedicated conservationists, can all reach out and communicate with each other. It’s a great community to help all those who share a passion for nature to broaden their outreach and extend their networks.”

Using inventive web-based tools, everyone can share information about the natural world and freely debate, educate and persuade others. Members can publish images and tales of adventure, make connections and more by integrating Safarious with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media, as well as create customized email groups from their personal networks.

“Because Safarious is community-driven, its content and technology are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the wilderness community,” says Safarious tech expert Clay Knight. “Safarious will always be developing the latest technology tools and applications to improve the wilderness experience.”


Critical to Safarious is its dedication to conservation. It is committed to the sustainable use of the world’s wild places and support for the people and animals that inhabit them.Campfire is the section of the site that highlights those journals and galleries that are amongst the communities hottest topics, while Discussions is a place to ask a question or seek advise on the subjects that most interest you.

Safarious is a portal to the wilderness. It is the online way to help post great looking content; to help professionals share their expertise and to help travelers connect with the right professionals. It allows conservation organizations to broadcast their messages, people to find jobs, and most importantly, it encourages everyone to experience incredible wilderness moments.