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Rio Grande Scenic Railroad lends helping hand W Ranch performers

Rio Grande Scenic Railroad lends helping hand W Ranch performers

The Rio Grande Scenic Railroad announced a special promotion to help Flying W Ranch performers who lost their jobs and primary venue after the Waldo Canyon Fire. Like hundreds of Colorado-based businesses, the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad is doing its part to help those affected by the Waldo Canyon Fire.

Since the 1950’s, the Flying W Ranch has served as a historical symbol and tourist attraction of the Pike’s Peak Region. After the Waldo Canyon Fire jumped the ridge towards Colorado Springs on June 26th, the Flying W Ranch was among the businesses and residences hit the hardest. The Wranglers performed for tens of thousands of people since 1955 when they joined the Flying W Ranch to become an integral part of its western hospitality and traditions.

To help The Wranglers in this time of tragedy, Rio Grande Scenic Railroad will offer:

  A $5 donation to the Wranglers for every Coach, Club or Dome ticket purchased for trips out of La Veta.
  An invitation to The Wranglers to perform at the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad’s venue, Fir, in September (date TBD).
  An invitation to anyone who knows of other ways to supplement the income of The Wranglers to contact the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad directly.

“I have worked directly with the Wranglers many times and jumped at the chance to help such a fine group stay on their feet despite the devastating wildfires,” said Fred Hargrove of Rio Grande Scenic Railroad. “The Wranglers’ sole means of income was performing at the Flying W Ranch, and we plan to do everything we can to help them get back on their feet after this tragic loss.”


Throughout the remainder of Rio Grande Scenic Railroad’s 2012 Mountain Rails Live Summer Concert Series, those purchasing a ticket from La Veta in Coach, Dome or Club class should use the promo code “Wranglers” to ensure a donation is made to The Wranglers.