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Revamped ministers summit unveiled for World Travel Market 2018

Revamped ministers summit unveiled for World Travel Market 2018

Investment in innovation and smart management for tourism will form the major theme of the ministerial summit of this year’s World Travel Market.

The event is to be held in London on November 6th.

The summit, a joint initiative of World Travel Market and the World Tourism Organisation, will debut a revamped format

With the private sector crucial in setting the tourism agenda, private sector leaders will be involved for the first time via a panel on investment in tourism technology.

This will be followed by a round table of both ministers and private sector to discuss a way forward for tourism that includes stronger public-private partnerships and an agenda for the sector’s digital transformation.


The event will be hosted by CNN’s Richard Quest, anchor of Quest Means Business.

Developing an innovation ecosystem, data-driven decision making, digital destination branding, and the role of government and policy in smart tourism management are among the topics to be addressed this year.

The summit reflects on a hyper-connected and informed world where tourists are one click away from their next destination and share their interests and emotions in real-time – and where technological advances have an exponential impact on management efficiency and sustainability.

It will expand its practical impact with a focus on creating and exchanging innovative ideas and partnerships that can boost investments in tourism technology.