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Regal Hotels launches new website

Regal Hotels launches new website

Regal Hotels has announced the launch of its new website which has been revamped with a contemporary and innovative design, simple navigation and enhanced functionality that encourages visitors’ interaction.

The new Regal website emphasises in style, informative and user-friendliness. Created with the user experience in mind, the colourful, copy-refreshed, photo-rich website provides visitors with a unique experience in accessing information through simple tablet effects. 

Visitors can actively edit and customise the website presentation layout according to their needs and liking.

The new Regal website is user friendly, offering quick and easy access to essential information of Regal hotels’ services and corporate information.

The ‘Guest Information Section’ showcases the state-of-art properties, luxurious rooms and suites as well as unrivalled facilities of Regal Hotels whereas the ‘Corporate Information Section’ focuses on providing visitors information of the Company.

“Regal Hotels is committed to exceeding the needs of each and every guest and this commitment extends to our online service,” said Lyllian Poon, vice president – marketing, Regal Hotels Group.

“The new website is not only designed to fulfil our customers’ informational requirements, it also provides a platform for our hotels to showcase their offerings, connect with our customers, and leverage our own booking engine in offering special promotions.”